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【Participated】《畢業旅行》藝術家柯驎晏 博士畢業展覽

藝術家柯驎晏 博士畢業展覽 《畢業旅行》

藝術家自述之展覽 簡介:




Artist Ke Lin-Yen’s doctoral graduation exhibition, “Graduation Trip,” will be on display from April 27 to May 1 at the Teh Chun Gallery Hall D, National Taiwan Normal University.

Exhibition Introduction from the Artist:

This exhibition, titled “Graduation Trip,” is designed to reflect my recent works which incorporate ‘travel’ experiences and it is my personal graduation exhibition before completing my PhD this year (2024).

My creations are primarily based on my observations and emotions towards the land, representing the environmental experiences common among this generation of Taiwanese.
It is not focused on individual local experiences but aims to evoke empathy through the guidance and presentation of the images. Therefore, the artworks depict various outdoor activities formed in Taiwan’s specific geographic environments, such as diving, rock climbing, hiking, and water sports. They also portray Taiwan’s biodiversity, energy issues, and contemporary urban development. Through these natural and human activities, I hope to engage viewers to care about the people, events, and objects around them and assemble the significant issues that have occurred on this land into my largest piece to date, “The Eight Views of Taiwan 2024.”

Everyone is welcome to visit and engage in discussions with me. Thank you!


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