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【Participated】ART TAINAN 台南藝術博覽會|丹之寶TANSBAO Room: 624&625

2024 ART TAINAN, the Tainan Art Fair, will be held at the Silks Place Tainan Hotel from March 14 to March 17!
TANSBAO Gallery has meticulously planned for the Tainan Art Fair, gathering the latest contemporary artworks from outstanding artists from Bhutan and Taiwan, while also bringing top-tier Himalayan Thangkas to present at the Tainan Art Fair.

TANSBAO will present Gyempo Wangchuk’s Zhiney for the first time. This work reflects Gyempo’s contemplation and creativity in response to the rapidly changing global situation and the restless human psyche. Through complex compositions and the delicate application of natural mineral pigments, Gyempo accurately depicts the scene of a mahout taming a wild elephant, illustrating the importance of taming one’s mind. Being constantly aware of one’s inner state and maintaining peace and harmony is one of the essential lessons for humans today.

We are specially introducing Tshewang Tenzin, a contemporary Bhutanese artist newly represented by TANSBAO and participating in the Tainan Art Fair for the first time. Tshewang’s commitment to and creativity with Bhutanese traditional culture has sparked an exploration of contemporary art, beginning to integrate tradition and innovation. Tshewang’s artistic journey is shaped by following in the footsteps of his father, a skilled Thangka painter, and is enriched by interactions with other Bhutanese traditional craftsmen. Under these influences, Tshewang has found his true mission: to carry on Bhutanese traditional crafts while also advancing the process of contemporary Bhutanese art.

2024 ART TAINAN 台南藝術博覽會 3月14至3月17日將於台南晶英酒店盛大舉辦!
丹之寶 TANSBAO Gallery本次為台南藝博精心籌劃,匯集來自不丹與台灣優秀藝術家最新的當代藝術作品,同時也帶來頂級喜馬拉雅唐卡臻藏在台南藝博精彩呈現。


特別介紹丹之寶新代理、首次參展台南藝術博覽會的不丹當代藝術家:哲旺丹增 Tshewang Tenzin。哲旺對於不丹傳統文化的投入與創作激起了對於當代藝術的探索,開始試圖將傳統與變革融合為一體。 哲旺的藝術旅程追隨由其父親:一位技藝精湛的唐卡畫家足跡所塑造,更因哲旺與其他不丹傳統工藝大師的互動而更加豐富其作品的內涵, 正是在這些影響下,哲旺發現了自己真正的使命:延續不丹傳統工藝並同時發展不丹當代藝術的進程。

■ TANSBAO Gallery 丹之寶 : Room 展間 624 & 625

■ Participating Artists 展出藝術家:

Gyempo Wangchuk, Passang Tobgay, Tshewang Tenzin, Zimbiri, Tintin Pema Tshering, 羅婕, 柯驎晏,

李依恬, 蔡名璨, 洪永欣

■ VIP Preview 貴賓預展:

2024/3/14 (Thu) 15:00 ~19:00

■ Public Days 公眾展期:

2024/3/15 (Fri)~3/17 (Sun)

■ Opening Hours開放時間:

12:00-19:00 (3/17 until 18:00)

■ Venue 展覽地點:

Silks Place Tainan 台南晶英酒店(台南市中西區和意路1號)


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