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不丹公主親筆推薦文:Gyempo Wangchuk以藝術形式展現不丹獨特文化



我很高興曾於2019年親臨觀賞Gyembo Wangchuk先生於不丹VAST舉辦的《Ribong》的個展。對於受過傳統不丹工藝培訓的不丹藝術家成功地進入當代藝術世界,的確令人感到振奮。我希望這項革新能引起不丹藝術界的關注,特別是能夠激發其他年輕有抱負的不丹藝術家。
他(Gyembo Wangchuk)對我們傳統調色的創新與使用均超越了不丹傳統藝術品的門檻。我讚揚他能從佛教、我們的不丹社會和豐富的文化中汲取靈感,並以藝術的形式展示了這些獨特的不丹故事。
祝他在未來的創作和藝術旅途中一切順利,並希望丹之寶畫廊(Tansbao Gallery)為他所出版的作品畫冊能得到人們的喜愛。


I had the pleasure of viewing Mr. Gyembo Wangchuk’s Solo Exhibition titled ‘Ribong’ held at VAST Bhutan in 2019. For a Bhutanese artist trained in the traditional Bhutanese craft to successfully break into the world of contemporary art is indeed inspiring. A feat that I hope piques interests in the Bhutanese art scene, and particularly inspires younger aspiring Bhutanese artists.
His innovative use of our traditional palette transcends the threshold of the traditional Bhutanese artwork. I commend him for drawing inspiration from Buddhism, our Bhutanese society and rich culture, and presenting these uniquely Bhutanese stories in the form of art.
His work has gained attention from both within and outside Bhutan, as evidenced by his many successful exhibitions and awards in various competitions. I hope that he continues to make art that encourages global interest in traditional Bhutanese art and style, and its infinite possibilities.
I wish him good luck with his future creations and in his artistic journey, and I hope this catalogue for his works published by Tansbao Gallery will be well-received.

HRH Princess Sonam Dechan Wangchuck.